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April 30/ May 1, 2016

$1650 + GST

6 weekend workshops, weekly support, and more.

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Healing Through A Course In Miracles
A One Year Program In Remembering Inner Peace


It cannot be seen, only felt. It cannot be heard, yet it speaks to us gently, softly, imploringly, invitingly. It cannot be spoken, yet there is a hunger inside us for something that our words can never describe. It is the mystical longing for God, for Home, for Love; for a steadfast, unshakeable inner peace that nothing in the world can give us, but nothing in the world can take away. Like the eternal, persistent pull of the tides to the shore, we are relentlessly drawn to a homecoming and (re)union with the deep spiritual presence within and all around us.

How badly do you long to know this reality? How can you grow in your ability to connect with it? What do you believe your current values, priorities and obsessions will give you that inner peace will not? Are there still ways you are living in which you “gain the whole world, but lose your soul”?

In my lifelong study of psychology and over 30 year practice of psychotherapy, and having been a student of A Course In Miracles for over two decades, I have found no thought system with the psychological depth and power of the Course to address the emotional and spiritual confusion and malaise of our inner worlds. The most central practice and discipline which lies at the heart of its teachings is that I will never be able to know the experience of real peace, love and happiness from within the fear-based (ego) thought system that is my perpetual way of seeing. Yet I can turn to a non-ego presence (Holy Spirit) for correction of my perceptions that also lives in my mind, replacing fear with Love, illusion with truth and anxiety with peace. This is the miracle. Whenever I lose my peace for any reason, I can remember to ask for help and turn to this Source to see things and people differently.

Among the most paradigm-shifting teachings of A Course In Miracles, ones that the participants of this One Year Program will no doubt grapple with, are:

  • It is my false belief that I have separated from God and my Heavenly Home that has catapulted me into a Universe of Fear.
  • This sense of having rejected and turned my back on God produces (a largely unconscious) guilt that is based on the belief that God is angry with me and I will be punished for what I have done.
  • This unconscious guilt and self-hatred lie behind my experience of pain, suffering, scarcity, adversity, sickness and even death.
  • When I perceive myself to be attacked by another person, a situation, my body or the past, it is really my own ego self-attack that is orchestrating all of this.
  • Instead of my perception telling me that the world is coming “at me”, the world is actually coming “from me” – that is, all of my experience originates in my mind.
  • Every one of my thoughts, words, feelings and actions emanates from the fear-based, ego consciousness or the spiritual, Love-based consciousness and produces perceptions, experiences and results directly indicative of its origin. At every instant, and regardless of other people or circumstances, I have this choice.
  • God is Love.
  • Only Love is real.
  • Only Love heals.
  • Forgiveness returns me to the Divine Presence in my mind which underlies and peers through the lattice work of the events of time and space in my individual life.
  • There is no order of difficulty in miracles. One is not bigger or harder than any other.
  • The body is in the mind. The mind is not in the body.


All participants will be asked to purchase and read A Course In Miracles text and proceed, at an individualized pace, with the 365 daily lessons of the Course workbook.


6 experientially-based weekend workshops spaced approximately 2 months apart beginning April 25/26, 2015; buddy system; and optional weekly support group meetings (highly recommended)


$1650 + H.S.T. (payable over the course of the year). Some bursaries available for people in financial need.

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