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Private Therapy

butterflyI have been an individual, relationship and family therapist for thirty-seven years. I love my work. Why? I love what is real and I have no interest in what is unreal. People in pain; people who speak honestly and openly about “the good, the bad and the ugly” things inside them; people seeking truth and beauty and love are very real to me. They inspire me. They teach me. By their presence in my life, they gently challenge me to do the same.

I have worked with people of extraordinarily diverse personalities and backgrounds, facing life issues of many kinds over those years. There are two incontestable truths that have guided my work with each and every client:

  1. The quality and depth of the caring and honesty in our relationship with each other, more than any other factor, determines the success of our work together. Our ability to get extremely close to each other in healthy and respectful ways is the vehicle which transports us to our therapeutic destination.
  2. No matter what the presenting issue, problem, symptom or life difficulty, every single client or seminar participant with whom I have worked, consciously or not, is seeking the experience of greater love and peace in their relationship with themselves and others. Finding out what is in the way of feeling that peace and what keeps them from experiencing complete love and satisfaction in their relationships is the journey.

Relationship Therapy Format

In the first phase, each of the people in the relationship come in by themselves. In that individual phase, they are asked to look only at their feelings and truths, their ways of relating to their partner and, above all, their individual responsibility for the current state of the relationship. Once they have taken a good, hard look at themselves, we are ready for the second phase which brings the people in the relationship together to explore in what ways their minds, hearts, bodies or souls may still remain closed to each other and what they can do to reopen them.

Currently all therapeutic work is being conducted on-line and seminars are held at various locations in Vancouver. All inquires are welcome.


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