Upcoming Seminars

Relationships: The Work of Love

Vancouver: Dec. 8/9, 2018

Healing The Original Pain Of Your Life: The Inner Child Seminar

Vancouver: March 30/31, 2019

The Transfer of Trust: From Seeking Happiness, Peace and Safety from the World to Finding it Within

A One Year Program
Vancouver: April 27/28, 2019


In addition to individual private therapy, Joel conducts weekend group seminars. Group work (community healing) can be very powerful and helpful. We come to see other members of the group as mirrors of ourselves and leaders in taking us to deeper places within and to much greater self-understanding and self-acceptance.

To register in any seminar or for further information, please contact the Seminar Coordinator, Catriona Lander, at 778-773-2726 or seminarsjoelbrass@gmail.com.

Weekend Programs

Healing The Original Pain Of Your Life: The Inner Child Seminar “Examining Your Relationship with Yourself”
Healing The Original Pain Of Your Life: The Inner Child Seminar helps us to discover the unhealed wounds and emotional damage that we still carry by returning to the most formative people, events and moments of our lives.

Relationships: The Work of Love Seminar “Examining Our Egos’ Operation in Matters of Love”
We explore the ego defense system, a way of being that helped us survive the worst hurt and emotional injuries of our young lives, but now in turn is a major part of what’s causing them.

Long Term Intensive Programs – Where the Real Work Gets Done

Shifting the basis of our identities, our priorities and our relationships from an ego based paradigm to a spirit and heart led one does not occur within the confines of any two day seminar. A vigorous, ongoing practice is required to sustain and reinforce the significant shift in consciousness which the weekend seminar participant will glimpse and temporarily experience. For those serious and committed individuals who realize that laborious and extensive work is required to become skilled at a whole new way of being, the long-term intensive programs are recommended. These include:

April 27/28, 2019:
The Transfer of Trust: From Seeking Happiness, Peace and Safety from the World to Finding it Within
If you pause long enough and really think about it, from whom or what do you seek your happiness, peace, safety, and self-worth? An honest self-inquiry will show you that you believe you gain these things from outside of you – from the world and from other people. For example, the world values you and pays you for what you do and this gives you a sense of security. Other people, like your family members and friends, approve of you and love you and this makes you happy. Once you have enough money and enough people who let you know that you are a good and fine human being, as conventional thinking goes, you will know peace. From the time you were a child, utterly and completely dependent on others for your survival and worth, you have been fixated on the HORIZONTAL to validate you and show you who you are. As the adult you are today, you are, almost certainly, still doing the same. Read more…

Past Year Long Intensives

In God We Do Not Trust: Examining Our Blockages to a Personal, Authentic, and Heart-Based Spirituality as the Most Significant Guide for Our Life. “Listen, and see if you remember an ancient song you knew so long ago and held more dear than any melody you taught yourself to cherish since.” This program will support the participant to examine their most deeply-held ego-based beliefs, judgements, and grievances towards God, or any other name for the most deeply sensed source of spiritual comfort and guidance within.

The Resistance to Surrender: Exploring the Ego’s Unwillingness to Trust in A Human Being. The primary love relationship: There are few areas in life in which we experience as many heart-soaring and heart-breaking experiences – moments of clarity and confusion, closeness and loneliness, love and pain.

Choices, Growth and Inner Freedom in the Second Half Of Life: Most people in our society are extremely ill-equipped to deal with the psychological issues, challenges and potential inherent in the second half of life. The so-called “mid-life crisis” is both inevitable and necessary. This is so because what is required in the second half of life to experience deep personal meaning, happiness and fulfillment is nearly the mirror opposite of that which is asked of its first half.

Family of Origin: Truly healing the relationship with our fathers and mothers is the single most powerful thing we can do to make our inner world a safer and happier place to be. Until we do, we see and recreate versions of them everywhere.

Open Programs in Healing Your Relationship with Yourself and Others: Applying ourselves to the Inner Family Recovery Model, these are intensive, process-oriented programs that devote their attention to the further understanding, healing and integrating of the Inner Family.

Healing Through A Course In Miracles: A One Year Program In Remembering Inner Peace: It cannot be seen, only felt. It cannot be heard, yet it speaks to us gently, softly, imploringly, invitingly. It cannot be spoken, yet there is a hunger inside us for something that our words can never describe. Like the eternal, persistent pull of the tides to the shore, we are relentlessly drawn to a homecoming and (re)union with a deep spiritual presence within and all around us.

Down the Rabbit Hole: A One Year Program In Emotional Healing: It’s in our bodies- symptoms, aches and pains that seem to just land on us; ailments and unwanted physical conditions that have no known origins. It’s in our minds. They are never still, rarely peaceful, filled with an endless barrage of judgments, worries, and self-recriminations. It’s in our stress levels. We’re on edge, too busy, too rushed. It’s in our fearful dreams and disturbed sleep patterns. When was the last time you had a deep, restorative night’s sleep. It’s in our relationships. In spite of our deep desire for only love and harmony, we experience, conflict, tension, confusion and even explosions.The emotional pain we carry must find some screen upon which to project its shadows;some place to land or outlet to keep itself at bay.

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